Walk and Talk

I was lucky enough to grow up on an island in a very small village surrounded by countryside and the sea, I was very aware that being outside was good for me and provided me with many benefits. Presently, decades later as a professional psychotherapist, I appreciate even more now that being out in the open air is a therapeutically positive experience.

After the pandemic, where we have all been encouraged to be outside (and indeed to have an hours exercise every day). Walk and talk therapy fits nicely within this new way of living/working and works well within my practice. This can be really helpful for clients who want to access therapy but would rather it was not online or in a small inside space.

Walk and talk therapy is effective for people of all ages and abilities- you don’t have to be super fit! Some clients find being surrounded by nature very reassuring. While some clients have found it a good alternative to being in a counselling room setting, it can give a sense of freedom/space and feel more able to unburden themselves in a neutral space.

I live in a rural area, where there are lovely walks in the beautiful Spirren mountains. The walks I use are through some of the many forestry paths, these are quiet areas that don’t have a heavy footfall. We may see foxes, badgers, rabbits, squirrels or birds along the walk. I believe nature is fundamental for the wellbeing of the body, mind and soul, it can be a truly helpful healing setting.

Initially we will meet online to assess suitability of Walk and Talk for you in the therapeutic process. This is to assess physical, psychological and any medical issues prior to outside sessions. We will discuss the contract for Walk and Talk and answer any questions you may have. As part of the process for assessing whether Walk and Talk therapy is appropriate for you. I will ask you questions regarding your medical history and suitability for this form of therapy. Please note that I am not medically trained, therefore, I cannot comment or advise on medical matters or treatments.

The walks I use have been risk assessed and deemed an appropriate outside space for therapy. We will use whatever nature has provided us within the therapy session.

Walk and Talk Counselling allows us to take the therapeutic work outside; this might involve walking, sitting, working creatively on a bench or seat – whatever feels right for you each time that we meet.