The reliability of the seasons

As I sit and write this, I have all the windows open, it is a beautiful day, the sun is shinning and spring has just begun, I can smell the whin blooms floating in from outside, their coconut aroma a welcomed reminder of the season yet to come. I hear the birds singing and the sheep and lambs in the field are calling to each other. Tractors and cars pass by the bottom of the lane, the sounds of activity, people making the most of this good weather, people noticing this energy lift the sun gives. That bit of light that edges in chasing away the winter blues, making us all feel that wee bit happier.

There’s a sense of beginnings, anticipation maybe a bit of curiosity about what the spring will bring. Things change but the reliability we have is that the seasons don’t, time doesn’t do anything different than it has for eons… the sun rises, then in the evening the moon appears looking slightly different as it goes through its 28-day cycle. There’s routine in the day, the week, the year, the seasons. The cycles continue. This sense of predictability makes us feel safe, comfortable, its a pattern we recognise. That sense of certainty we can all rely on no matter what is happening in our lives.

Often at this time of year we start spending more time outside, soaking up that vitamin D that was so lacking through the winter months. The weather is less bitter and sharp, it may rain but its more acceptable, the plants need it, our reservoirs need it and its less cold! We may feel more comfortable taking small children out, all wrapped up so they can explore, or walking the dogs that bit further, maybe we extend out daily walks to harness this energy boost that the sun gives us, I certainly do! This is great for our physical and mental health, a chance to get more exercise in and clear our minds, blow away the cobwebs and have space to think clearly in a calming environment.

Spring cleaning has begun for me, inside and outside I know it will all start to look different by the weekend, things freshened up, scrubbed, shinny, things put away for another couple of seasons, things bagged up, seeds planted, the lawn taken care of, the tidying away of the dead to make way for the new. This change in the seasons is always welcomed, the winter seems far away now, the dark, the cold nights, the lighting of the fire every night and hot comfort food will be swapped for outside dining and BBQs, the occasional fire pit, and daylight edging its way into the night time. This change that we often feel after a period of rest or repair when we are ready again to be active. the winter being the ‘night-time’ of our year, the spring the ‘morning’, more alert, refreshed, trying to utilise that energy.

This time of year holds hope, fresh starts, new people, places, ideas. Importantly for me, I love to see the plants come back to life, the colours, the growth. The young animals, fledgling birds, the insects appearing, the bees, all life forms that have been quietly doing what they needed in the dark and cold months, reappearing, now ready for the lifecycle again. The best thing is it’s only the start of spring, I’m looking forward to seeing all this new life in full revealing its growth and colour. All my senses appreciate and are grateful to this nature miracle that we rely on every year. Tomorrow when we wake up it’s a fresh new start, anything could happen